May 06, 2015

Just over 3 years ago Aaron and myself met for coffee to talk about how we could help the startup community in the Triangle. Out of that meeting we conceived the idea for Startup and Play, a science fair style event for local startups. We had no idea if it would take off or if it would survive past the first event. To our surprise it stuck, and today marks a new chapter.

As of today Startup and Play is being rebranded under the name VergeTriangle and will be led by Will Hardison, a long time organizer of the Startup and Play event. Aaron and myself will be stepping away from the project entirely, even though we've had minimal involvement with it for some time. We want to wish the best of luck to Will, and want to thank everyone who participated or attended one of the Startup and Play events.

Please direct any and all contact requests to VergeTriangle, but if you really need us, drop us a line at [email protected].

- Aaron Gerry & Patrick Shampine